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1545 East Broadway
Toledo, Ohio 43605
Phone: 419-698-1601
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West Equipment Company
provides your company with
top-quality equipment

All of our tools and safety equipment comes from the best manufacturers in the industry

At West Equipment Company, Inc., you will find all of the electric hand tools, wire rope, chain slings and safety equipment you need as well as the experienced professionals who can assist you in determining the right gear for the job. At West Equipment Company, Inc., we sell only the highest quality hand tools and safety equipment from the top manufacturers in the industry. We sell hundreds of different styles and makes of safety equipment as well as chain slings, wire rope, electric hand tools and other merchandise that will meet the needs of virtually any construction job. Some of our distributors include:

Safety Equipment

  • Bashlin (safety equipment)
  • Buckingham (safety equipment)
  • Diamond Rubber (insulated boots, rain gear)
  • Eagle Manufacturing (safety cans and cabinets)
  • Elk River (safety harness, safety lanyards and safety tripods)
  • Elvex (safety glasses and ear plugs)
  • Guardian Fall Protection (safety harness, safety lanyards, roof mounts and beamers)
  • Justrite Safety Products (safety cans and cabinets)
  • Lacross (footwear)
  • Michigan Ladder (ladders)
  • Miller Equipment (safety equipment)
  • Occunomix (safety vest, anti-vibration gloves)
  • Red Cap (Nomex suits)
  • Seattle Glove (gloves, rain suits, slush boots)
  • Stonehouse Signs (safety signs)

Quality Hand Tools

  • Allpax (gasket cutters)
  • Columbian (quality hand tools)
  • Cresant (quality hand tools)
  • Dolmar (chainsaws)
  • Gear Wench (flange spreaders)
  • HK Porter (bolt cutters)
  • Klein (quality hand tools)
  • Lowell (ratchet wrenches)
  • Proto (quality hand tools)
  • Random (abrasive wheels and fittings)
  • Rayovac (flashlights and batteries
  • Rigid Tool (pipe tools)
  • Sait (abrasive wheels and fittings)
  • Sumner (jack stands and pipe equipment)
  • Trupper (shovels and striking tools)
  • Wesco (hand trucks)
  • Wilton (quality hand tools, c-clamps, vises)
  • Wright Tool (quality hand tools)


  • CM (chain saws, comalongs)
  • Coffing (chainfall, comalongs, electric hoist)
  • Fulton (hand winches)
  • Harrington Hoist (chainfall and comalongs)
  • Lugall (wire rope hoist)
  • Myte Products (electric wenches)
  • Thern (wenches and jib cranes)
  • Tractel (grip hoist)
  • Vanguard (chainfalls and comalongs)

Wire Rope and Chain Fitting

  • Block (blocks and pulleys)
  • Cooper Tools (wire rope fittings)
  • Crosby (wire rope, chain fittings, plate clamps)
  • Economy Cable Grip (Chinese fingers)
  • Edwards Daniels (forged fittings)
  • Electroline (wire rope fittings)
  • J.C. Renfore (lifting clamps)
  • Merrill (lifting clamps)
  • Morse Starrett (cable cutters)
  • Newco (wire rope fittings)
  • Peerless Chain (chain and fittings)


  • Igloo (coolers, ice chest)
  • Knaack (gang boxes)
  • Weather Guard (van and truck boxes)
  • Master (padlocks)

Contact the experienced professionals at West Equipment Company, Inc. for all of your electric hand tool, wire rope and safety equipment rental and purchasing needs. We would be happy to come out to your company or work-site to offer a consultation.

West Equipment Company


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